Chinese Path To Modernization Hailed At Shenzhen Forum

The Chinese path to modernization was praised as a valuable reference for the world, and the Belt and Road Initiative was recognized as a key driver of global economic and social development on Friday at a diplomatic forum in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

The forum underscored global interest in understanding China’s developmental trajectory and the opportunities presented by the BRI, which was hosted by the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, and attracted some 150 delegates from 30 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

Liu Jianchao, minister of the CPC Central Committee’s International Department, said the Chinese path to modernization is a compelling story of a late-developing nation catching up, an ancient civilization rekindling its splendor, and a continuous commitment to prioritizing the welfare of the people.

“The path, which is also rooted in the rich soil of Chinese civilization, highlights the CPC’s leadership in completing an industrialization process within decades,” Liu said, adding that the Chinese path to modernization steadfastly centers on the people, promotes shared prosperity, and adheres to the path of peaceful development.

Addressing the BRI, Liu highlighted its transformative impact over the past decade and outlined the future focus of its construction, which emphasizes connectivity and an open, inclusive approach.

Meng Fanli, Party chief of Shenzhen, vowed to make the city lead in the Chinese path to modernization by actively integrating into the joint construction of the Belt and Road and work with everyone to “create a better tomorrow”.

In response, Danilo Turk, former president of Slovenia said the Chinese path to modernization is a crucial factor propelling global modernization development.

“China has fundamentally changed the world. The entire world is different now because there is more economic cooperation, capital flow and collaborative opportunities to address climate change around the globe. In fact, China is a major driving force behind these changes. Therefore, the world must pay attention to China and collaborate closely with China,” Turk said.

Secretary-General of the Mozambique Liberation Front Roque Silva Samuel said his party believes that China’s approach to modernization contributes to strengthening and consolidating the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, ultimately enhancing the living standards and well-being of the Chinese people.

“The Belt and Road Initiative has already borne fruit in our countries. Through the infrastructure built under this initiative, we have expanded connectivity between various regions, fostering significant growth in regional and international trade for all countries,” he said.

Source: Capital News

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