P&G Korea launches rinse-free detergent

P&G Korea has launched a detergent that does not require additional rinsing, as it contains specially developed fine particles that dramatically reduce bubbles while removing contaminants from textiles during the laundry process, the company said Monday.

The Downy Rinse-Free Detergent was developed in response to customers turning to additional rinsing due to skepticism that detergents are not rinsed from fabrics properly after a typical laundry process.

According to a survey from the household goods maker, about 67 percent of local customers rinse their laundry at least twice on concerns that residue remains on their clothes.

“The new detergent will alleviate concerns from customers who habitually add a rinse cycle over such concerns,” an official from the company said. “P&G Korea will keep launching more innovative products after taking into serious consideration Korean customers’ laundry habits.”

According to the company, several customers believe that the more detergent they use, the more thorough their laundry will be cleaned.

But this leaves more residue on clothing and in wash trays, the company said.

Another poll conducted by P&G Korea also showed that more than 28 percent of local customers use excessive amounts of detergent while doing their laundry. The poll was conducted among 417 households living in the metropolitan area here.

P&G spoke highly of its new product, as it is more economical and washes more efficiently.

“Households using the product will clear away any concerns over laundry residue, and can save time, water resources and electricity while doing their washing,” the official said.

Downy is a best-selling producer of fabric softeners and detergents in Korea. P&G Korea also said it will continue to diversify its product lineup, so as to address any further customer concerns and complaints.

Source: Korea Times

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